concrete floor polishing

Below are some photos of our work. Be sure to also check out our Case Studies and our Works in Progress.

{Allouche Gallery} polished concrete floor {Allouche Gallery} polished concrete floor {Allouche Gallery} polished concrete floor {Allouche Gallery} polished concrete floor {Allouche Gallery} {Allouche Gallery} {Allouche Gallery} {Queensborough} grouting {QCC} hand polishing {QCC} straightening a riser {QCC} hand grinding a step {QCC} cafeteria ground level {QCC} cafeteria second level {QCC} hand polishing a riser {QCC} Two concrete stains {W 43rd} pour adjacent to elevators Example of high gloss floor {Roastery} earth-tone dye application {Roastery} high aggregate {Roastery} abutment of two dyes {Roastery} spreading earth-tone dye Initial pour over sand epoxy {Off the Block} white concrete initial pour {Grocery} stained concrete {Surfside} entrance walkway Set of concrete steps {Spring Studios} supermodel runway {Spring Studios} high gloss lobby {Office} workers grinding down floor {Office} example of large aggregate {Golf Academy} example of fine aggregate {Google HQ} polished floor {Broadway office} white concrete mock-up {Broadway office} white concrete pour {Broadway} basic concrete pour {Shopping mall} Marshall's exterior Example of earth-toned dye {Office basement} example of high gloss {Cactus Salon} example of low gloss Diamatic burnisher Example of double-toned floor {Shopping mall} hand-preparing edges for pour {Shopping mall} Aldi Food Market exterior {Shopping mall} Planet Fitness exterior with work equipment {Shopping mall} initial grinding process {Shopping mall} hand-finishing around structural column {Shopping mall} Old Navy exterior mid-project {Office} polished self-leveler {Office} elevator hallway polished self-leveler {Surfside} kitchen interior {Retail store} {Park Row} initial pour stone floor resurfacing{Allouche Gallery} architect, crew & project manager concrete floor resurfacing{Allouche Gallery} initial pour: steps concrete floor installation long island{Allouche Gallery} handicap-accessible ramp floor grinding company long island{Allouche Gallery} multi-level pour & polish floor grinding and polishing{Industrial warehouse} wet pour floor resurfacing and grinding{Industrial warehouse} polishing polished concrete floors long island{Industrial warehouse} panorama polished concrete{Google HQ} hallway polished concrete floors long island{Gymnasium} specialty staining floor polishing long island{Industrial warehouse} example of high gloss concrete floor levelling long islandLarge natural aggregate concrete flooring expertDiamatic custom grinder polished concrete floors{Google HQ} worker walks by dust vaccuums floor grinding and polishing{Cafeteria} custom coloring stone restoration Long Island{Cafeteria} custom coloring concrete resurfacing{Lobby} polished concrete