We offer a full array of floor preparation and decorative concrete services, including:

  • Old flooring removal/demolition
  • Diamond grinding and polishing
  • Self-leveling and underlayment surfaces
  • Concrete staining
  • Coating and micro-toppings
  • White boxing
  • Flake, quartz and other specialized finishes
  • Artisan effects
  • Consulting services

We encourage you to take a look at any and all options for your flooring project. In a quick list, here are some of the many benefits of Decorative Concrete:


We are experts in the field of one of the fastest growing trends in architectural and interior design. Please visit our gallery to see some of our best work.

Cost effective

Our designs can accommodate any budget. Our ability to work over existing tile installations allows an affordable solution for a kitchen or bathroom remodel without the associated demolition costs and mess of removing the old floor.


Our surfaces can be applied over virtually any wood, concrete, or tile surface. The materials we select are safe for indoor or outdoor applications and will easily withstand the freezing New York winters.


By working with several different types of stains, colorant, and aggregates we can create custom designs and textures to suit your taste. We can blend colors or provide custom integral colors mixed directly into our micro-topping products.These factors combined allow us to offer limitless design possibilities to any and all clientele.


Our team strives to ensure your happiness and satisfaction with the quality of our work. We are proud of our finished projects for their beauty and flawlessness. When you work with DCofNY, you know the work is done right.

Clean and Professional

Our sealers are all VOC-compliant and in many cases have exceptionally low or no VOC content. Whether we are working in a restaurant, retail store or residence, we use only the highest grade professional products.

Hypo-Allergenic? These surfaces do not hold pet dander or dust mites.

Easy to maintain

Our floors are easily repairable and easy to clean.

DCofNY understands the ever-changing market. We are not a franchise that has been taught only one method of achieving results, but are true decorative concrete contractors that are constantly researching and improving our products and techniques with every new challenge. Please visit our works in progress to see what we’re currently working on.

Consulting Services:

Planning a new project and not sure what you want or how to achieve it? We can help. We will work directly with owners, designers, architects or contractors to design and plan the proper solution to meet objectives, avoiding costly mistakes. There is no job too small or complex. Our team of experts will solve your problem.

We are always happy to discuss your project with you. Please call us at 631-569-2830 or email us directly at carl@dcofny.com and we'll call you.

The Best White Box Grind and Seal in the Metro NY Market

One of the many specialty services we offer is White Boxing, which is also described as a "vanilla shell". This process involves returning the property to a lease-ready condition.

White Box work is a standard of cleaning up a previously occupied space, painting ceilings and walls white, and grinding and sealing the floor to make space ready for the realtors to present for lease or sale. Our part of the process is laying a basic concrete layer which landlords and tenants may choose to build upon or refinish as needed. This versatile condition is extremely useful as one of the first steps of renovating a new space.